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The Bloom of a Tastebud

When I was a little girl, I would amuse myself in the kitchen by rummaging through my mom's spice rack and carefully opening each bottle. I'd start by unscrewing the spice cap, closing my eyes, then inhaling and allowing the scents to transport me.  I never understood why I was so enamored by this (the act of stimulating my senses).  But once I let the genie out of the bottle, my imagination would run wild ... at least for a few brief moments.


My family has always called me "the dreamer", which I never took as a compliment. Do dreamers succeed in life?  That left me worried!  


I guess part of acting out my dreams occurred through my love of smelling mom's spices.  The magic was in those bottles. Cumin, for example, a staple spice in my house, transported me to my great-grandma's kitchen in Mexico. To this day, cumin still evokes emotions of comfort, love and deep family bonds.  


As I became active in my kitchen, my love for food began to grow.  Not only were the smells of spices inspiring me to dream, they triggered my taste buds to  bloom. Life got interesting in every sensory way.       

This website was born from my passion for flavors, aromas, & dreaming.  In all their complexity and varied scents, tastes, tones and textures, spices have the power to arouse in each of us memories, conversation, inspiration and well-being.  That's what spices have done for me in addition to cultivating my palate.  


Join me on this journey and free your taste buds to bloom and your knowledge to grow!   

​The Succulent Kitchen


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