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Each month, I will introduce a new spice to add to the spice cabinet.  I'll add helpful information on tasting notes, origin, and recommended pairings.  Most of what you see on this page will be available for purchase from my spice shop -but for now, you can purchase carefully curated salts, sugars and teas @

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Native to the Eastern Mediterranean and cultivated in Turkey, Northern Europe and the Americas.

Pairings: Chicken noodle soup,  stews, roasted vegetables, stocks.

Used for bouquet garni. 

Woody | Piney | Citrus 

Bay Leaf

bay leave.jpg

Native mostly to China, and cultivated in Iran, Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco & India.

Pairings: hot cider, stuffed onions, rice w/ dried fruit, braised lamb shoulder, strawberry shortcake

Floral | Sweet | Acidic 


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Native to Egypt and Levant and cultivated in India, China, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Morocco, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Latin America 

Pairings: yogurt dressing, lentil stew, roasted cauliflower, chicken tagine, grilled lamb chops, vegetable tagine

Nutty | Leathery | Peppery


bay leave.jpg

Native to West Africa and Cultivated in Sudan, China, Thailand, and Mexico. 

Pairings: rum punch, tomato salad, mustard vinaigrette, grilled swordfish, cherry clafoutis, yogurt, 

Sour | Tart | Floral 


Native to China and Vietnam and cultivated in tropical areas of East Asia and Southeast Asia, 

Pairings: rum punch, chicken consomme, roasted parsnips, braised brisket, poacked pears

Licorice | Acidic | Sweet

Star Anise 

Native to Espirito Santo and Bahia, and other parts of Brazil and South America. Cultivated in Brazil and the French island of Reunion. 

Pairings: coconut rice, apple coleslaw, orange marmalade, sherry vinaigrette, shrimp dumplings, granola or stir into Bellini's

Citrus | Sweet | Acidic 

Pink Pepper

Native to Asia and the Indian subcontinent and cultivated in South Africa, California, Chile, Brazil, and Mediterranean Sea

Pairings: lemon risotto, snapper ceviche, linguine with clam sauce, sorbet

Citrus | Tart | Acidic 

Lemon Peel

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